How it all started

An endless passion for God, for life and Music.


Brian Dwayne Alexander Dekkers was born and raised on the island of Curaçao. He began playing baseball when he was six, but when he turned thirteen his interest shifted from sports to music. At the age of fourteen Brian and a few friends started a new band, “Big Star”, where he had his first hit: “Destino tabata ke”. With the desire to extend his success, he moved on joining another group called New Generation. He debuted as a singer/songwriter with “Ban duru awo” as his first song. Later that year, a local band “No Game” offered him a contract as a lead singer, which he took. He met great musicians such as Axel Pikero, Michael Bianchi and many more. Hits like “Laga mi biba”, “Nan no por kibra nos” and “Kurason of Konsenshi” were the successes that followed. In 2005 he received recognitions for his talent winning two Karabela awards. Karabela awards are like the Grammy awards and are given each year to the best recording artist.

Before his departure to the Netherlands he wrote a special song titled “Ik hou van jou” (I love you in Dutch). This song had a mix of four different languages which gave it a unique twist. While in Holland he decided not to join any band, but to focus on a solo career. After hits as “Bo Faborito” and ” Ora Bo Tin’e” accompanied by Caché Deluxe he quickly released his first solo-album titled: A.L.B.O.M. (A Little Bit Of Me).

Later on, in 2008, he released two singles: “Vrijdag” (meaning Friday in Dutch) and “No Wòri” (Don’t worry). The turning point came in 2009, when he realized that all his success didn’t bring him the happiness he so much wanted. He had a vision of two paths, one leading to life and the other to death. He knew he was on the path towards destruction and had to choose between walking on the same path or choosing the path to life.

At that point, Brian decided to follow Christ, the way to eternal life. As a Christian, Brian didn’t stop making music. He now sings about the Gospel, his testimony and his life experiences. In 2011, Brian launched his first Gospel album that sold up to 5000 copies. With the help of music Brian sings and preaches about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in this way helps lost souls find their way back to God whom gives eternal life through Jesus Christ.

In 2013, Brian decided to focus more on his education and produced a single called “Stima” (to love) featuring Josh Matos on the acoustic guitar. Brian graduated in april 2016 with a Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and now works part-time as a math teacher in Leiden (The Netherlands). After graduating, Brian picked up his music and went back in the studio to finish his third album of his solo-career. His new album called “Un Persona” (one person) will be launched in October 2016.